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Rum Fire is a traditionally made, Jamaican rum produced at the historic Hampden Estate in Trelawny, Jamaica. Its exceptional fermentation and distillation result in a high-ester, high-proof artisanal spirit of unparalleled aroma and flavor. The story behind the brand is the stuff of legend; the origin of stolen rum "John Crow Batty" in the parish of Trelawny and a testament to old school bartender quality assurance by lighting the spirit on fire to assure proof and purity. It is Hampden Estate's first rum brand, but its history is Jamaica in a bottle.

Rum Fire's thoroughbred character makes it a choice rum for enhancing the complexity of modern and classic cocktails.

B.S. (Rum Fire) aka Rum Fire 101

Tastes like Cinnamon Rum right? Good guess, but let's start over. Rum Fire contains no additives because the Jamaican government has a law (Jamaica Excise Duty Act) that in short, reads, they only want Rum in their Rum, please and thank you. Okay, let's begin class now, shall we? ......

still & barrels.jpg

M.Sc (Rum Fire) Course 301

Welcome back to class! Here we will focus on the fermentation process, which is where the magic happens. Actually, and to the contrary, it is not magic at all; it's pure bio-chemistry. Okay, so, how then, from these rather extended fermentation times, does Hampden create that crazy intense, tropically complex bouquet in their rums?......


Fischer Esterification


Fermentation in Jamaican Cedar Vats


Ph.D (Rum Fire) 501

Coming soon...

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