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Valhalla Imports is an importer of distilled spirits into the United States. It identifies quality, traditionally-made flavorful rum to bring into the American market to sell to distributors in each state. The palate of the American drinking culture is awakening and will continue to mature towards one suited for better quality, authentic rums. Valhalla Imports, by importing such unique products, will meet the needs and growing interests of cocktail bars, restaurants and retail liquor stores to ultimately satisfy the rum drinking consumer. Valhalla Imports possesses an advantage over many importers in that the owner, Dr. Nicholas Feris (see photo), maintains a scholarly understanding of rums and is well-connected and known for his impact in the rum community. His passion for rum includes 12 years of organizing rum events, including educational tastings and competitions in the US, photo-journalism of touring rum distilleries and festivals throughout the world and being a published author of the book, Explore Rum. Nicholas Feris is a leader in promoting rum via his rum society, The Rum Collective (, co-founding the International Rum Council and via his associated social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, and most importantly, he has hands-on experience launching dozens of rums into a variety of US (and Canadian) markets by working closely with brands, importers / distributors and bars and retailers alike. The location of Valhalla Imports, Seattle, WA, is one of the fast growing rum markets in the country for which he has direct influence. Overall, the value Valhalla Imports brings to its customers is a specific, unmatched understanding of rum and the rum community established by years of experience and an ability to use that information to help customers understand and enjoy the product. These key assets will assure successful access to and placement in markets and facilitate widespread distribution of its imported rum.

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